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2018 in Review

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As we close the book on 2018, our minds turn to the past 12 months of blogging. 2018 was a great year of ideas and goals. We celebrated National Ice Cream Month, offered frightening books as recommendations, even gave a few ideas for reinventing the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. As a thank you for your continued support as readers, we want to take a quick snapshot of all our blog posts of 2018.

2018 Blog Titles and Descriptions

From “January Holidays” to “Reinvent Thanksgiving Dinner This Year,” this was a great year of blogging!


“January Holidays”

Major holidays have passed, but there are still a few just around the corner. Read about them in today’s blog.


“3 Classic Movies for a Romantic Date Night”

Classic movies are fun to watch any day of the year, but especially for a romantic date night.


“Enjoy Working Out In Our Fitness Center”

Get out of your apartment for some exercise!


“Writing Exercises to get Creativity Flowing”

In today’s post, we discuss two writing exercises that will help boost your creativity during the month of April.


“3 Tools Every Frequent Flyer Should Be Using”

Your summer season might be filled with travel. If so, read this month’s blog post to learn about tools you should be using.


“Indoor Herb Garden”

Plant your very own herb garden in your home this month and use fresh herbs in any recipe! Learn about some herbs here.


“Celebrate National Ice Cream Month”

July is National Ice Cream Month. Enjoy celebrating with a few tasty recipes you can make in your apartment starting today.


“Superior Amenities for Superior Apartment Living”

This month, we’re highlighting the many amenities that our apartment community has to offer.


“Favorite Movies of the 2018 Season”

Visit today’s blog to read about our favorite new movie releases from the 2018 summer season.


“Frightening Books to Give You the Chills”

These books scared the King of Horror, Stephen King. What books do you cling to this holiday season?


“Reinvent Thanksgiving Dinner this Year”

Break from tradition this year and reinvent your Thanksgiving Day menu. We have a few ideas to get you started.


For the last time in 2018, we thank you for reading the Longview at Georgetown Blog. We hope you have a great month in your Georgetown, MA apartment, or wherever you might be!