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3 Tools Every Frequent Flyer Should Be Using


Longview at Georgetown Blog, Georgetown, MA  Your summer season might be filled with travel. If so, read this month's blog post to learn about tools you should be using.


The summer season is approaching fast and for many people that means one thing: Travel. For this month’s blog post, we thought we’d reach out to our frequent flying residents of Longview at Georgetown. If you’re planning to fly out of Georgetown, MA in the near future, we have a few tools that may come in handy. Today, we’re sharing five tools that every frequent flyer should be using. Check them out below!



This app is like a digital Swiss Army Knife. Not only does it compile all of your trip’s details into one place, it also sends out real-time flight alerts, syncs with your calendar, locates alternate flights, and more. Of course, some of those features are available only with the paid “TripIt Pro” option.


“Simply forward all your hotel, flight, car rental, and restaurant confirmation emails…TripIt automatically transforms your emails into a master itinerary for every trip so all your plans are in one place…View your itinerary anytime, on any device — even when you’re offline.”


Extra Battery Pack

Yes, airports are getting better at providing charging stations for people waiting for flights, but those spots fill up fast. Having a fully-charged external battery pack is something that can save you a lot of time and frustration. A quick Google search will reveal a wide selection of available battery packs, some more affordable than others. Take a look and let us know what you find by leaving a comment below. We like this solar charger power bank!



One of our favorite gadgets is a tiny Bluetooth tracker known as “Tile.” We know what it’s like to lose things (more than we’d like to admit!). Simply stash this little square inside something, or clip it! Then, with a connected app, you’re all set. Lose your keys? No problem if you’ve got the Tile attached to them. Simply search by using the app and you’ll locate your keys within seconds. For as little as $20, Tile is a simple device that will make a huge difference to your travels.

Thanks for reading! We wish you safe travels as you head out of your apartment this summer.