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4 Ways to Stay Positive this Holiday Season

Longview at Georgetown Blog, Georgetown, MA  Staying positive isn't always easy, but we know it's possible. Read about four ingenious ways to keep smiling.

We can’t always avoid the negative situations that happen in life, even around the holidays. More often than not they come when you least expect it, like a pitch from left field that you didn’t see coming. Sometimes, negative moments hit us with the force of a brick that fell off a roof which then smashes at our feet. While we can’t avoid the many pitfalls of human experience that leave us feeling down and grumpy, there are positive ways that we can deal with them.


One of the most powerful things that you can do when those negative feelings begin to swirl around in your mind is to acknowledge what you’re grateful for. This could be something big or small; it might be knowing that you live in Georgetown, MA or that you have friends in our Longview at Georgetown Apartments community. Talking about what you’re grateful for is an invaluable shield against negative feelings. Recording your thoughts in a gratitude journal is another one; reading through your gratitude journal often, especially when you’re feeling negative, is a great way to keep your positive feelings on top.


Whenever you have a negative thought about something, replace it with something positive. This can be difficult at first, especially when something really negative happens — that’s why it’s important to practice this with even the small moments during the week. A great example can be found from Disney’s 1960 production, Pollyanna. In this movie, Pollyanna plays what she calls “the glad game.” Watch this short clip to understand how to play “the glad game,” and how to switch out those negative thoughts with something positive.


They say that you get what you give. When negative situations arise it’s easy to focus on ourselves. We should, however, use those moments to focus on others around us. One of the greatest ways to stay positive during negative conditions is to lend a helping hand to someone. Adding value to someone’s life by helping them will make you feel better, and by giving them this positive reinforcement you are essentially giving it to yourself.


At Longview at Georgetown, residents are blessed with a high-definition theatre. Take some time to get outside of your apartment and dive into your favorite movie. Doing things that you love helps to build positive reinforcement, allows time for your mind to focus on something else, and has lasting benefits for your body.

Fighting off negative feelings might feel impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. We hope the next time you feel anything negative that you try to remain positive. If you’re looking for more great ideas on how to stay positive, check out these 25 Easy Ways to Wake Up, Feel Awesome, and Stay Positive. Thanks for reading today’s post!