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Indoor Herb Garden

Longview at Georgetown Blog, Georgetown, MA  Plant your very own herb garden in your home this month and use fresh herbs in any recipe! Learn about some herbs here.

Welcome back to the Longview at Georgetown Blog! We’re excited to teach you how to plant your own herb garden this month. Cultivate your green thumb by planting some fresh herbs in your apartment kitchen in Georgetown, MA. These can be used for cooking and just for looks.


Herbs are the keys to flavor. There’s no shame in using dried herbs, but growing fresh herbs yourself is well worth the effort. Many herbs repel insects, pack great health benefits, and are pretty simple to maintain. Luckily, you don’t need much space to grow your own indoor herb garden. These happy plants easily grow in small spaces, from your bedroom window to your kitchen counter.


Choose which plants you would like to showcase in your own home! Keep in mind that some need sunlight so place them near a window.


1. Basil. Basil, known for partnering with Italian-inspired dishes, also plays well with Asian cuisine. Purple basil acts as a beautiful garnish when you are trying to impress guests. There are many different varieties of basil and all offer different flavors, so make sure you know which type will offer the right flavor for your recipe.


2. Chives. Very closely related to garlic, onions, and shallots in flavor and like these vegetables, chives also drive away pesky bugs like aphids and mosquitoes. Because of their high levels of sulfur, they also prove to be a natural anti-inflammatory and are a great addition to your herb garden.


3. Parsley. This herb is great with many Italian and Middle Eastern dishes. Have you ever tried it in pesto? How about tabbouleh or salad dressing? We recommend putting it in lasagna. Unfortunately, parsley tends to attract bugs, so be sure to keep an eye out for these freeloaders and stop the problem before it gets out of control.


4. Rosemary. Rosemary is a great herb to add to fish, lamb, chicken, turkey, sautéed mushrooms, and root vegetables — pretty much every dish that goes along with your holiday meal. If you infuse it with olive oil you won’t regret it.


For more information on planting herbs, this infographic will be helpful! Good luck with your garden. Thanks for reading the Longview at Georgetown Blog.