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Reinvent Thanksgiving Dinner this Year

a turkey being prepared for Thanksgiving with citrus

As we researched new and flavorful recipes to try out this season, we came across a few alternatives that move away from the holiday bird. In fact, none of the recipes that we’ll be sharing below involve turkey. Take a moment to look through this month’s post and see if there’s a new recipe that you’d like to cook in your Georgetown, MA apartment.

Lamb Meatloaf Baked in Mini Pumpkins

This recipe sounds like a perfect addition to the Thanksgiving menu. It might even be the focal point of the entire meal! The pictures on the website not only look tasty, but they also fit the holiday theme better than any other dish we’ve come across. Just the thought of a flavorful meatloaf baked right inside a pumpkin sounds like something we have to try before winter hits us with full force.

Honey-Orange Glazed Ham

This recipe is packed with flavor. The glaze is simple enough: You’ll need honey, dark brown sugar, salt, cinnamon, chili powder, garlic, orange zest, orange juice, and stone ground mustard.

Lemon Dill Grilled Salmon

If you’re looking for a recipe that’s easy to make, then salmon just might be the way to go. Sure, salmon isn’t the traditional meat of Thanksgiving, but who says that it can’t be? Here’s what the author has to say about it: “There’s something about the simplicity that is just right. The lemon and the dill brighten it up and enhance the fish rather than becoming a spice on their own.”

For more great Thanksgiving recipes that break from tradition but keep turkey as the main source of protein, check out these 10 Alternative Thanksgiving Dinners that will Break Tradition.

Are you willing to change up the menu this month? Share what recipe you’re thinking of using by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading the Longview at Georgetown Blog!