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The Lighter Side: Summer Side Ideas

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Summer is fast approaching here in Georgetown, MA,, and it’s a fact. In the summertime, we tend to lean toward lighter foods; but sandwiches can get old pretty fast. In today’s Longview at Georgetown Blog we have pulled together some sides that will add some life to your lunch or dinner meal. So throw some meat on the grill, add a side, and dinner is served.


Salads are a great go-to because there are so many different kinds to make which means they never get old. We like this site with 50+ Summer Pasta Salad Recipes. You’ll be certain to find one to go with your main dish.

For something different, try one of these Unconventional Salads — who knew kale could taste so good?

Other Sides

Summer soup! Yes, it’s a thing. Try this Gazpacho soup; served cold, it’s a refreshing summer meal.

If you’ve already got the grill fired up for the main dish, add one of these sides:

Grilled pineapple (slice and grill, the grilling brings out the flavor)

Vegetable kabobs (chunks of green/red sweet peppers, onions, and mushrooms)

Grilled asparagus brush with butter, add salt and pepper

Grilled corn on the cob — wrap and throw on the grill, yum!

A fruit bowl or platter adds a nice touch to any meal. A platter of fruits with dips or a variety of melons provides a healthy side choice. If you want to get fancy, serve them in a hollowed out watermelon. Berries are always a hit too, whether it’s fresh raspberries, strawberries, or blackberries, and there are so many ways to serve them, including berries and cream, in a salad, or in a pudding parfait. Berries can add a splash of color and flavor to your meal.

Simply adding homemade style rolls or bread with butter (flavored butters are a nice touch) completes many meals.

Invite some friends over soon to your apartment, and wow them with a flavorful side.

What are your go-to sides for summer meals? Where do you find the best deals on fruits and veggies in Georgetown? Please share in the comments.